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Fishing 101
Learn to Fish

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Rapid City Outdoor Campus: DJ Room , Rapid City, SD 57702


Date & Times:
Mar 29, 2023 6:00PM - 8:00PM CST

About this Event:

Fishing 101 will be a new addition to our 101 series programs. Just like the
other 101 programs we offer here at The Outdoor Campus, Fishing 101 will
aim to remove as many barriers as possible that keep people from hitting
the water in the spring and summer.
The course will start with the basics and end with multiple fishing trips that
teach how to target fish in different types of water and different
approaches to catching them. Participants will have a chance to learn how
to make their own fishing rod, find fishing locations, use various fishing
techniques with different types of equipment, and clean, fillet and prepare
fish for the table.
Families with kids ages 10 and older, as well as adults, are welcome to join
the program. Everyone who attends will be considered a participant. Like
all programs here at The Outdoor Campus, the class is free, thanks to
revenue from hunting and fishing licenses. Participants will not need to
provide any of their own gear.
Attend what you are able to but here are the dates.
March 29th 6-8: Meet and Greet

April 5th 6-8: Rod Building -1

April 12th 6-8: Rod Building - 2

Schedule as needed - Rod Building -3 if needed. (15min to epoxy)

April 19th 6-7: Video Call: Access, license, regulations and knot tying

April 26th 3-8: Fishing trip

April 28th 10-4: Fishing trip

May 20th 8-2: Fishing Trip


Organized by:

Clint Whitley

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If you are no longer planning on attending this class, please cancel your registration so that those on the waiting list will have a chance to attend.

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There are no maximum age policies


About the Program


Learn basics of fishing, from gear, bait, species identification and processes.
These classes will begin with an introduction to the type of fishing you will be learning: fly fishing, ice fishing, shore fishing etc..  You will be introduced to your equipment and how to prepare for a fishing trip.  Once a basic foundation is set you will be able to practice your fishing techniques, identifying your catch, cleaning your catch and cooking your fish.  Classes will include understanding fishing regulations and ethics of fishing.